Monday, April 24, 2017

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service-hostingEver try one of those 'do it yourself' website builder packages? The ones that have 'lots of templates' to choose from, and makes it all easy? Was it? Did your site wind up looking like your ACTUAL business or organization? Was it easy? Understandable? Probably not.

You can keep track of everything yourself, make all your updates, write your own content, gather your own pictures, figure out exactly what, when and how things appear on your site... or you can let us do that for you.

OpenStretch can help you with content creation, graphic services, minor -or- MAJOR edits and changes - all with one call or email. 

There is comfort knowing you have complete access and CAN do everything yourself, but do you really WANT to handle it all? Most small businesses or organizations don't have the time. It's what we do. Let us help.

Don't know exactly WHAT you have, or WHAT you need? Just drop us a line and we can help you work it all out. Contact us with any questions, we're more than happy to put together a proposal for your needs.


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